Metal Roofing for Asheboro, NC & the Surrounding Area

Few roofing contractors produce their own metal components. At McRae Roofing we maintain a full-fledged sheet metal facility to provide custom fabricated metal to our customer's exact requirements rather than trying to fit off-the-shelf components. This saves precious time, ensures that we can meet scheduling deadlines, and also assures unmatched quality. McRae Roofing metal fabrication produces a wide range of angles and profiles in both sheet metal and copper for use as original parts or for replacement parts.


Types Of Metal Roofing

There are basically two types of metal roofing although the configurations, as well as the installations, vary greatly. The first and probably the best is a standing seam system where the fasteners are concealed between the ribs from the weather; this type allows movement in the panels without exposing the fasteners, and allowing them to move, the exposed fastener system is usually a corrugated metal pan of varying widths where the fasteners are simply installed through the panel and directly into the substrate. While the concealed fastener system is much cheaper to install because of movement, and the seal relying on a small washer, they need constant maintenance to the screws and areas sealed with caulks. We provide a comprehensive repair technique that does not rely on sealants or cements smeared over the problem areas.

  • Berridge
  • Petersen
  • Butler
  • Zip Rib
  • Armco

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