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As a top-rated specialty roofing contractor, we can handle any needs that may arise.

There are many types of specialty roofing, each with their own list of advantages. Choosing the right roofing materials for your commercial structure can help improve the energy efficiency of the space and improve the overall appearance. At McRae Roofing, Inc., we can install and maintain various specialty roofing options, helping clients to care for and improve their commercial facilities. Something that sets us apart from other roofing contractors is our commitment to commercial clients and their unique needs.

Specialty Roofing

One of the specialty roofing options we offer is the installation of slate shingles. These shingles are some of the most durable and long-lasting, especially when compared with shingles made from other materials. Our technicians can also install cement and clay tiles or wood shakes on your roof. If you’re looking for a specialty metal roof, we’ve got you covered. In fact, we fabricate our own metal shingles and materials to maintain better control over the quality of the materials. We can also take care of installing your new metal roof.

As a top-rated specialty roofing contractor, we can handle any needs that may arise. If you have any questions about the various types of roofing materials we offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our helpful and well-trained technicians can answer your questions, help you determine which roofing material is best for your structure, and provide you with an estimate for a new or replacement roof. Give us a call to get started.

At McRae Roofing, Inc., we offer specialty roofing services for customers in Charlotte, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Winston-Salem, Durham, Greensboro, and Asheboro, North Carolina.