The manpower, materials and methodology to do your project right!
McRae Roofing

Since our inception in 1954, McRae Roofing has been guided by one single principle.

"To work for the best you must produce the best."

With this in mind, we are one of the most recognized roofing contractors in North Carolina and rated in the top 100 in the United States. In the process, we have built long-lasting relationships with a wide variety of businesses, manufacturers and institutions large and small, locally and nationally. We have unlimited general contractor license #11733 in the State of North Carolina. We also are licensed in Virginia and South Carolina. We are members of the NRCA-National Roofing Contractors of America, The National Roofing and Legal Resource Center, The Carolinas Sheet Metal and Siding Association, The AGC- Association of General Contractors of North Carolina, The National Safety Council and the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina.



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