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Do what’s right for your retail business by putting your trust in our roofing company.

Just like any other property, your retail building needs a reliable roof overhead to protect the structure from rain, wind, hail, sunlight, and debris. A roof that is installed improperly or that is facing other issues is problematic for your business because water intrusion can damage your inventory, equipment, and building materials, among other things. This can result in major losses, but at McRae Roofing, Inc., we’ll be sure to prevent this from happening. Whatever your retail roofing needs are, consider us your go-to experts. We have been in business for many decades, and each of our field team members has been employed with us for nearly 25 years. Rest assured; we know what we are doing when it comes to retail roofing.

Retail Roofing in Charlotte, NC

If your roof has leaks or has other damage, we will be sure to investigate the problem closely so we can identify the cause of the problem and come up with the best solution. As we repair your roof, our technicians will work with attention to detail to fully resolve the issue. But if it isn’t repair that your retail roof needs, we can offer many other retail roofing services as well. We encourage regular maintenance to keep your roof in excellent condition, and we are also able to provide new installations or replacement.

If you need retail roofing in Charlotte, North Carolina, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We are happy to discuss your project, provide a quote once we have the details, and answer your questions.

At McRae Roofing, Inc., we offer retail roofing services for customers in Charlotte, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Winston-Salem, Durham, Greensboro, and Asheboro, North Carolina.