Inspection and Maintenance

Usually, a roof is the last area that receives needed repair and maintenance. As a rule, the leak spotted today began three or four years ago. This is why roofs deteriorate.

McRae Roofing offers a structured and systematic inspection and maintenance program that can ultimately save you thousands of dollars in roofing costs.


Roof Inspections

Our trained inspectors will first conduct a check of interior ceiling for signs of leaks and then a roof inspection that includes:

  • Inspect all gutters and downspouts
  • Inspect all flashings and caulking
  • Grade membrane condition
  • Walk the entire surface for signs of sagging and material failure

Our inspector prepares a checklist and provides you with a list of problems and recommended repairs detailing:

  • Problems and recommended solutions
  • Recommended maintenance procedures
  • Schedule for follow-up inspections.

This cost-effective inspection service can greatly extend the life of your existing roof and define any necessary repairs.