Emergency Commercial Roof Repairs for Asheboro, NC & the Surrounding Area

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the commercial roofing contractors at McRae Roofing are available to provide emergency commercial roof repair services for their subscribing customers in the Asheboro, Cary, Durham, and Lexington, NC areas. We maintain several crews on an immediate response status to guarantee crews are dispatched within thirty minutes of your call. Our commercial roofing contractors are trained and equipped to:

  • Immediately assess the problem or damage
  • Make instant repairs to close the roof and stop water penetration
  • Protect your machinery and materials from damage
  • Begin the process of permanently repairing the problem.


Roof Assessment Survey

New subscribers receive a roof assessment survey from commercial roofing contractors. We collect data on the type of roof, access to the roof, the best route to your location in Apex, Charlotte, or Greensboro, NC, etc. This data is maintained in our computer to assure we dispatch the right crew and materials to fix the problem. This guaranteed Rapid Response Service is affordable and can ultimately save you thousands of dollars in lost materials, equipment and productivity.

Contact us today for a trusted commercial roofing contractor serving businesses throughout the High Point, Pinehurst, Winston-Salem, NC areas and beyond!

What to Do When a Roofing Emergency Arises

Accidents happen, and it is important to be prepared in case one happens to you. We have gathered essential steps in case of a roofing emergency so you can be ready to act. Your roofing system is integral to the protection of your home or business’s structure. An emergency roof repair is an integral process to recover your roof to a working condition. In a roofing emergency you should: • Remain calm: As soon as the storms, fire, animals, or whatever caused the damage has passed, take a few moments to collect yourself and prepare to call your insurance and professional roofing company. • Don’t try to fix the damage yourself: Your roof is an expensive investment, don’t endanger yourself or the rest of your home or business by trying to fix it on your own, trust a professional. • Document your losses: Document all of the damages with photos, videos, and in writing for your insurance company. Be mindful when documenting, especially if there was a storm or a tree limb fell onto your roof. • Tell your roofers everything you know: The more your roofing professionals know about the emergency, the better prepared they can be when they arrive at the site. Sharing photos of the damages can also help, that way the roofers know how much materials to bring, even if it’s for a temporary fix. • Let the roofing company do their job: The best thing you can do in a roofing emergency is call the professionals and allow them to do their job. They’ll move fast to protect your home and they’ll do it safely as they’re prepared and experienced in these types of situations. If you have encountered an unfortunate situation and need commercial roof repairs, call up our team at McRae Roofing Inc. We are proudly serving High Point, Lexington, Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. Contact our team today and our service coordinator will be in touch within 20 minutes.