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Phone (336) 672-0133 or (800) 849-2648

For Emergency Service, Call: 1-800-745-8578

Tim Allen
Years with company: 45 years
Responsible for: General oversight of the company's
finances, special needs clients, and high risk projects.
Phone: 336-672-0133
Cell: 336-302-9730

"If it don't look right, it probably ain't."

Joe Allen
Corporate Vice-President
Years with company: 32 years
Responsible for: Commercial Estimating
Phone: 336-672-0133
Cell: 336-962-4112

Mike Thomas
Corporate Office Manager / Human Resources / Office-Hr-Safety Manager
Years with company: 12 years
Responsible for: Financials, Receivables, HR, Safety, Inventory for all departments
Service Job Costing
Phone: 336-672-0133
Cell: 336-953-9264

Jim Skelley
Service Department Manager
Years with company: 22 years
Responsible for: Emergency Service, produce estimates for budget and bidding purposes, prepare construction schedules, site surveys, attending pre-bid meetings, evaluate roof systems and implement options to meet clients needs and cost requirements.
Phone: 336-672-0133 ext: 233
Toll Free: 1800-849-2648
Cell: 336-963-4145

Joe Wormwood
Roofing Maintenance Coordinator
Years with company: 10 years
Responsible for: Visual roof examinations, estimating roof repairs, replacements, and maintenance.
Phone: 336-672-0133 ext: 230
Cell: 336-963-4117
David Stultz
Metal Shop Fabricator, Warehouse Material Orders
Years with company: 16 years
Responsible for: Standard and Custom fabricated sheet metal components for all types of Roofs, Metal Inventory and machine service in Metal Shop Area,
Phone: 336-672-0133
Cell: 336-736-6609